FIFA World Cup: From Alcohol Ban to Dress Code.

FIFA World Cup: From Alcohol Ban to Dress Code as FIFA World Cup in Qatar kicks off, and it is imperative for spectators to be aware of the rules before traveling there.

Fans will need to take extra care to comply with the relevant regulations because the general laws and norms in the Gulf nation are fairly tight.

It is strongly encouraged for visitors, tourists, and supporters to pay close attention to the rules governing clothing, alcohol use, smoking, and other related activities.

FIFA World Cup: From Alcohol Ban to Dress Code. 8
FIFA World Cup: From Alcohol Ban to Dress Code, Check Out ALL DONT’S for Fans visiting Qatar for FIFA World Cup

The tiny, devout Muslim country might not be tolerant of the alcohol-fueled violence that has occurred at previous tournaments. Although Qatar has made an effort to project an atmosphere of openness toward outsiders, traditional Muslim values are still strongly held in the hereditarily ruled emirate.

In accordance with the dictatorial nation, it will relax in preparation for the enormous influx of tourists. The laws and cultural practices of Qatar, particularly its views on alcohol, drugs, sexuality, and dress code, should be respected by World Cup attendees.

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In Qatar, only pubs and restaurants with permits may offer alcohol. It is forbidden to eat it somewhere else. However, non-Muslim Doha residents with a liquor license are allowed to consume alcohol at home. Budweiser beer can be purchased inside stadium grounds at the World Cup, but not at concourse concession booths or before or after matches. In the evenings, supporters can get drunk at a special “fan zone” in the heart of Doha.

In general, public intoxication in Qatar is penalized by severe fines and imprisonment. However, the head of Qatar’s security operations has stated that during the competition, police will ignore the majority of infractions but may make arrests if someone engages in a drunken altercation or damages public property. The legal drinking age is 21, and bar bouncers frequently demand photo identification or passports upon admittance.


One of the most drug-restrictive countries in the world, Qatar forbids the use of marijuana as well as over-the-counter painkillers, sedatives, and amphetamines. Possession, sale, and trafficking of illegal substances can result in harsh punishments such as lengthy prison terms followed by deportation and hefty fines. Charges of drug smuggling may result in death.

When arriving at Hamad International Airport, where officials have detained people carrying the smallest amounts of drugs, World Cup spectators should be aware of these rules. Authorities use cutting-edge security technology to examine baggage and passengers.

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FIFA World Cup: From Alcohol Ban to Dress Code. 9
FIFA World Cup: From Alcohol Ban to Dress Code.


In Qatar, cohabitation between unmarried men and women is illegal, and extramarital sex is punished by so-called indecency laws. Unmarried couples, however, are reportedly able to share hotel rooms without incident during the World Cup. Public shows of affection are “frowned upon” in public, according to the official tourism website. While holding hands won’t get you locked up, tourists should refrain from displaying closeness in public. Adults found guilty of consensual gay or lesbian intercourse in Qatar face prison terms of one to three years. Additionally, cross-dressing is illegal.

According to World Cup officials, anyone is welcome to attend “without fear of any form of penalties,” regardless of their sexual orientation. However, one official issued a warning that rainbow flags might be seized to protect supporters from being harmed for supporting gay rights in an area where discrimination is pervasive.

Here are some of the regulations of the FIFA world cup in qatar


Men and women are urged to “show respect for local customs by avoiding unnecessarily revealing clothes in public,” according to Qatar’s official tourism website. It requests that guests cover their knees and shoulders. Government offices and shopping centers may refuse entry to anybody wearing shorts and sleeveless tops. Women in the city who visit mosques will be given scarves to cover their heads.

In contrast, bikinis are typically worn at hotel pools, where it is a different story.


Swearing or flashing the middle finger, especially while interacting with law enforcement or other authorities, can result in arrest. Such offenses are included in the majority of criminal cases in Qatar that catch naïve visitors.

Wait for a hand to be extended before shaking hands with someone of the opposite sex in Qatar. Photographing or filming individuals without their permission, as well as important military or religious installations, may lead to legal action. Talking about politics and religion with natives should also be done with caution. A prison sentence may result from insulting the royal family.

Know the key rules introduced by Qatar government for FIFA World Cup 2022

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