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The Nigerian Consulate in South Africa is in debt of R406,000 to City Power.

The Nigerian consulate in South Africa is currently experiencing a financial issue and owes an outstanding electric bill to the city’s power company.

This is a concern because it is a diplomatic mission representing Nigeria in South Africa and reports show that the unpaid amount has accumulated over a period of months in the amount of R406,000 (Four Hundred and Six Thousand Rands only).

The City power company has taken steps to disconnect the consulate’s electricity supply but there is no confirmation as to when the power will be cut off.


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The Nigerian Consulate in South Africa is in debt of R406,000 to City Power. 18

It is important to note that the consulate’s financial situation might be a result of budget constraints or other financial difficulties which have contributed to the unpaid bill.

It is important that both parties resolve this issue as soon as possible and the consulate should also take steps to ensure that this does not happen again in the future.

The Nigerian Consulate
The Nigerian Consulate in South Africa is in debt of R406,000 to City Power. 19

In summary, the Nigerian consulate in South Africa has an unpaid electric bill with the city’s power company which has accumulated over a period of months.

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The bank has been unsuccessful in collecting the outstanding bill for over a month now. The consulate has been unable to repay the bill. With the economy in a slump, the consulate is in danger of losing its accreditation and will be forced to close if the bill is not paid. These facts and figures prompted me to take a closer look at the situation and I found out that the consulate owes a whopping R80 000 to the City of Johannesburg’s electricity

When we face a financial difficulties we have to use our money for main requirements. Then we have to ignore electricity bills. We need mainly food and water. I think govenment have to re think about cut off electric supply. Give some days for the people.

Santosh Thapa Chhetri

South Africa and Nigeria both are speedy emerging nation of Africa. Along with this these are two most beautiful and exciting countries of the entire content. Being in debt at this development stage should be normal. Thing is debt should be used to capital expenditures.

There is some Karon Vidyaman behind being the Nigerian Consulate Emonta in South Africa! As they are increasing the level of wastage, not properly reviewed! It should be brought back to parity as soon as possible otherwise the power problem in the country will increase

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