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ZUMA VS CYRIL RAMAPHOSA ( The El Clasico of South Africa)

The El Classico of South Africa featuring more president Zuma and the Current ruling President Cyril Rampahosa is gaining ground as the battle heats up.

The El Classico of South Africa is When your former principal refused to let go of old wounds, they either take the pains to the grave or make you go to the grave.
No doubt, former President Jacob Zuma was loved and respected by many, most especially the Zulu community where He come from. Sometimes they even make jokes about Him due to His low standards of education as his pronunciation is somehow funny when addressing the audience.

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The El Classico of South Africa
from right to left Ramaphosa and Zuma

Cyril on the other hand is a Billionaire and well-educated, loved by some and disliked by others.
It is said that the problem between Former President Jacob Zuma and President Cyril Ramaphosa began when there was a secret plan to remove the then-President Zuma, which was later forced to resign from office.
Although they both cohabitated for over 8 years as President and Vice, the relationship they both shared has longed to be traded with fights, name-calling, illegal dealings investigations, and even party members’ separation.

Zuma’s private prosecution of Ramaphosa raises red flags about the abuse of the judicial process

This is indeed the El Classico and we are witnessing it in Africa and not in Spain as we know it.

The El Classico of South Africa
ZUMA VS CYRIL RAMAPHOSA ( The El Clasico of South Africa) 7

Former President Zuma is not willing to back down neither is there a sign of letting go of the fight from President Cyril Ramaphosa.
You know what they say, when two elephants fight, the grass suffers.
We are watching them closely and version 2 of the fight will be available soonest.

The El Classico of South Africa Continues

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