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Ramaphosa’s Time is Up – He Must Resign,

South Africa’s current president Cyril Ramaphosa must resign now. For too long, he has promised change and hope to the people of South Africa, only to continually deliver corruption and broken promises. In light of his most recent missteps, it is clear that Ramaphosa’s time as president is up and he must resign immediately. This blog post will discuss why Ramaphosa must step down now, and what his resignation could mean for the future of South Africa.

The country is in turmoil

Ramaphosa’s Time is Up and South Africa is in turmoil. It is a country struggling with the economic crisis and high unemployment while facing increasing crime and corruption. The lack of trust in the government has reached a tipping point and calls for President Cyril Ramaphosa to resign are growing louder.
The latest scandal around state capture, the Guptas, and the Vrede Dairy project, is just one example of how the people of South Africa are being taken advantage of. In addition, the president has been criticized for his handling of issues such as land reform, health care, and education.

With no resolution in sight, it has become clear that Ramaphosa must resign now if the country is to have any hope of progress.
The economy is facing its toughest times in recent history. The rand has depreciated and inflation is on the rise. Citizens are struggling with rising costs of living and an inability to access basic services. All this has led to further erosion of confidence in the government and its ability to lead South Africa out of its current predicament.
Ramaphosa must resign now if he is to restore faith in the government and help South Africa move forward. He needs to step aside and let a leader who is committed to making real change take over. Until then, the citizens of South Africa will continue to suffer.

The economy is in shambles

It has become increasingly clear that President Cyril Ramaphosa must resign now. The South African economy is in shambles and it is evident that the current leadership has failed to take the necessary steps to right the ship.
The country has been mired in a deep recession for over a year now, with unemployment reaching unprecedented levels, inflation skyrocketing, and the Rand losing its value.

These factors, in combination with a widespread perception of government corruption and mismanagement, have severely weakened Ramaphosa’s credibility as a leader.


It is clear that change is needed, and the only way to truly turn things around is for the president to step down. This would allow for a new leader to be chosen who can bring fresh ideas and solutions to the table. Furthermore, it would signal to the world that South Africa is serious about restoring its economy and ending the cycle of poverty and inequality.
Ramaphosa must resign now. It’s the only way for South Africa to move forward and rebuild the economy. Anything less than that would simply prolong an already-dire situation and do irreparable harm to the country’s future.

Ramaphosa’s Time is Up – He Must Resign,
Ramaphosa's Time is Up
Ramaphosa’s Time is Up

Crime is out of control

Cyril Ramaphosa’s time as the president of South Africa has been plagued by crime and violence. According to statistics from the South African Police Service, violent crime has increased in all nine provinces over the past year. This includes murder, rape, and robbery.
The situation is so dire that even members of the South African government have declared a state of emergency.

Despite this, Ramaphosa has not taken decisive action to address the crisis. Instead, he has proposed a series of short-term solutions that have had limited success.
In light of the current situation, it is clear that Ramaphosa must resign now in order to allow someone else to take control and address the crisis. Only then can South Africans begin to feel safe and secure in their own country once again.
It is also important for citizens to take action in order to reduce crime and violence. This can include reporting suspicious activity to the police, participating in community-led initiatives to combat crime, and taking steps to protect oneself and one’s property from criminals.

Ramaphosa is not the leader we need

It has become increasingly clear that Cyril Ramaphosa is not the leader South Africa needs in order to move forward. His questionable leadership decisions, broken promises, and lack of accountability have been a source of frustration for the country for some time now.

It is time for him to step down and let someone else take the reins.
In recent years, Ramaphosa has faced numerous scandals and controversies, including allegations of corruption and his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He has failed to implement lasting economic reforms, address rising unemployment and crime, and provide much needed relief for struggling families. His refusal to resign amidst these issues shows a deep disregard for the people of South Africa and its future.
Ramaphosa must resign now and allow a leader with fresh ideas and a commitment to progress to take over. This leader must be able to implement meaningful reforms that will benefit all South Africans and make sure their voices are heard. Only then can South Africa truly move forward into a better future.

It’s time for him to go

The calls for President Cyril Ramaphosa to resign have grown louder in recent months as the public has become increasingly frustrated with the state of affairs in South Africa. The economy is in tatters, unemployment is at an all-time high, and corruption scandals have become the norm. In light of these realities, it is clear that Ramaphosa must resign now if the country is to have any hope of recovery.

It has become apparent that Ramaphosa’s leadership style has been ineffective in addressing the nation’s many problems. Instead of taking decisive action to tackle pressing issues, he has too often taken a hands-off approach, preferring to wait and see what develops instead of proactively confronting the issues head-on. This has resulted in a lack of urgency on his part when it comes to dealing with critical matters.

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In addition, Ramaphosa’s tenure has been marked by numerous scandals and controversies, including the much-publicized VBS Bank scandal and the recent revelations about Bosasa’s payments to members of the African National Congress (ANC).

These events have further eroded public trust in the president and his government.
It is time for President Ramaphosa to do the right thing and step down from office. If he does not do so, the citizens of South Africa will continue to suffer from the effects of his failed leadership. It is time for him to accept responsibility for his mistakes and resign now.

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