The Swimmers review, a Movie that grips your feelings

The Swimmers is a great movie as it tells the story of two Syrian girls, Yusra and Sarah, who want to become Olympic champions.

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However, their training is put to hold when the war in Syria escalates and they had no option but to flee to Europe in search of refuge.

The Swimmers Movie follows their struggles as they try to pursue their dream of swimming while dealing with the conditions of being refugees.

Screenplay and Dialogue

The screenplay and dialogue are well-written and effectively tell the dramatic story and emotions of the characters in the Movie.


The relationship between the two sisters was well-done and is a major aspect of the film. The script could have made better use of real-life elements and included more perspectives of other refugees to add depth to the story.

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The Swimmers review, a Movie that grips your feelings 5

The acting is superb, with the two lead actresses, Manal Issa and Natalie Issa, delivering powerful performances. Ahmed Malik, who plays the girls’ father, also gives a strong performance.

The director of the movie, Sally Al-Husseini, does an excellent job of capturing the pain and suffering of the refugees, particularly in the scenes of their escape.

The use of different soundtracks and songs adds to the overall emotional impact of the film.

Final Review

To say it all, The Swimmers is a must-watch movie that brings attention to the ongoing plight of Syrian refugees and is highly rated 8/10.

The film’s portrayal of the Syrian people’s suffering and the difficulties faced by refugees is powerful and moving.

Even though the film has some shortcomings, it is still well-received by both critics and audiences and evokes strong emotions.

The Swimmers Review by the Decider.

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