The importance of music in human life

Mood improvement

Studies have shown that listening to music makes an individual feel happy, helps regulate human emotions, and to relax.

Studies have indicated that listening to music that a person likes or likes prompts the brain to release a chemical called dopamine.

This chemical has positive effects on mood, and music helps to feel emotions because, like sadness, fear, and joy, music has the ability to improve human mood and health.

Improve verbal and visual skills

Several studies indicated that teaching music at an early age stimulates the child’s brain in several ways that help him improve communication skills, visual skills, and verbal skills.

Where one study dealt with children between the ages of four to six years, who were subjected to musical training on rhythm, sound, melody, and basic musical concepts for a period of one month.

The study concluded that music enhanced the ability of children to understand words and explain their meaning.


Another study found that children who joined music classes away from the school curriculum developed great abilities of verbal intelligence, in addition, their visual ability was higher than the capabilities of children who did not participate in training, and the ages of the children in this study ranged from 8 years to 11 years.

The importance of music in human life 5
IQ increase

Many researchers have studied the effects of music on the human brain, and scientists have concluded that children who are exposed to music, or people who play musical instruments, have better grades than those who do not use music in their lives.

Recent research indicates that music develops certain parts of the brain, and raises their IQ, and adults can also benefit from learning to play a musical instrument;

Where music helps keep their brains in a state of activity and readiness and also helps to strengthen their memory.

Strengthening the immune system

Research has indicated that listening to music reduces levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which is responsible for weakening the human immune system, poor memory and learning, increased risk of heart disease, and blood pressure, and a reduction in bone density in the body.

This research found that a person listening to music for only 50 minutes leads to an increase in the level of antibodies in the body.

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