How do I learn to play the piano like a pro?

The piano is one of the most important musical instruments for musicians.
These small black and white keys are able to amaze the listeners and hold their breath amazed at the magnificence of the notes that come out of it, of course, if they come out with the hands of a professional.
Listeners often describe the melodies of the piano as delicate, but if an amateur tampers with its keys, it will emit deafening tones with its annoying noise.
If you want to learn to play it like a professional, so that the music flows from your fingers through the keys and comes out sweet, all you have to do is follow the necessary steps
It is often preferable to learn to play the piano from childhood, but this is not a condition for mastering playing it.

Buy a piano

In the beginning, you must have your own piano, even if you cannot use it because you have not yet learned the method, and you are taking lessons at a music institute.

The presence of the piano in your home is the first motivator for you to continue the learning steps and will be important after a few lessons at the institute.


You can have your own piano and the size you want as they are available in all sizes.

It is very important to know that the medium size is the most appropriate, as its tones and sounds emanating from it are better than the small one, and it will not take up as much space in your home as a large-sized piano.

When buying a piano, you can resort to your teacher to help or you must verify that the keys and strings are valid before purchasing.

They can often be reset if they are not set, and check before buying that home maintenance service is available.

the piano
A wooden medium piano

Find a seat

It’s important to know that the right seat and its height will ultimately control the outcome of your playing, the height will control your ability to reach the keys at the right time, so look for a bench that can be compressed and changed in height.

Learn the sounds of the keys and the location of the musical scale

The piano contains twelve tones, which are the basic tones. The white keys (ivory) come with seven tones, and the black keys (ebony) are five of the remaining tones.

This means that the tones will be repeated on the line of keys, but the tone will differ in terms of its thickness.

It rises, and the keys from the left are thick and low, and they get sharper and higher towards the right.

Finger exercise

To exercise your fingers, try playing randomly without being bound by a certain tone or musical scale, but pay attention to the key tones at the same time and try to memorize them.

Take the time to practice playing ten keys without moving your hands, and continue until you control the movement of your fingers perfectly, paying attention to memorizing Places of black and white tones.

Learn to play more than one note at the same time

In this step, you will have finished the stage of dissonance, and this stage is easy; Where you have to play two notes together, but remember that you must come up with two harmonious notes from the beginning to get an acceptable, compatible and harmonious result.

The paino
A modern Piano.

Learn how to read sheet music

You have to learn the written musical notes, you will find it difficult at first, but with practice and perseverance, you will begin to decipher the symbols and read them smoothly and quickly.

Look for a professional trainer, and if you do not find him, you will find some websites on the Internet specialized in teaching the notes, and persevere with them so that you can pass this stage successfully. Be patient as this step will take some time.

Practice playing different tunes

It is known that your body works like other human bodies according to the theory of symmetry, and to prove that, hold two pencils, one in each hand, and try to draw a triangle with the right hand and a circle with the left at the same time.

You will not be able to; But this is what you will learn when you play, as most of the melodies will require you to have the special and distinctive ability to control each hand separately and at the same time, and this is to keep up with the speed of the guitar.

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