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Nigerians with expired passports Must come home

Nigerians with expired passports Must come home.

Nigerians with expired passports Must come home and renew their documents.

On Tuesday, the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) declared that diaspora Nigerians with expired passports would no longer need to get a visa to come back home.

However, the Service insisted that they present their expired passport to prove that they were actually from Nigeria.

This information was provided in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja by Mr. Tony Akuneme, the NIS Public Relations Officer.

Akuneme was responding to concerns over the Federal Government’s new visa policy, which said that dual-national Nigerians do not require visas to visit their home country.

According to the new regulation, Nigerians who hold dual citizenship are now permitted to enter the country with their Nigerian passport, even if it has expired.

Nigerians in diaspora
Nigerians in diaspora

“You must provide proof that you are a Nigerian, which is why we say they may enter with a passport that has expired.

Having two passports signifies having dual citizenship.

Aregbesola issued the instruction on Wednesday in Lagos in response to a complaint made by a Nigerian-American citizen, Mr. Jamui Kasumu, during his impromptu visit to the Alausa Passport Office.

Now, he continued, “we can allow them to travel in with their expired Nigeria passport,” unlike in the past when having an expired passport prevented entry.

This is Nigeria
This is Nigeria
Nigerians with expired passports Must come home

Akuneme continued by saying that although the main goal was to enable them to come back home

He also added that they would first need to renew their passports in order to travel elsewhere.

The NIS spokesman continued, “The entire point is that they must renew their Nigeria passport when they arrive before leaving.”

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