Top 9 essential tips for beginners in the gym.

Do you want to sign up for the gym but don’t know much? Welcome, this article is a comprehensive guide and tips for beginners in the gym.

In this article, You will learn the most important tips to help you keep going to the gym.

What is the right food for you during your exercise?

How do you exercise and what you should do before you start exercising?

Let’s review the most diverse and comprehensive tips for beginners that will help you know everything you need about the gym. From before you enter the gym to exercise until you leave the house.

1- Do not raise your expectations too much and be realistic in choosing goals:

When you go to the gym, do not expect the results to be quick. There are many people, especially beginners, who expect to gain muscle quickly in a week and this is not true.

The process of building muscle takes time and is not in a short period, Keep in mind that your muscles need time to build. You must set a goal that you want to reach.

Setting goals helps a lot in knowing what you want to achieve. It is preferable to set a reasonable goal. During the first month, for example, I will stick to the gym and will not be absent, or I will lose a certain weight, and let it be known to you as 2 kilograms, for example.

2- Maintaining your commitment to the gym is one of the top 10 tips for beginners in the gym that you should know:

You find many people who register in the gym after a week or a month and then stop.

First of all, let’s agree that the body needs food to grow, and muscles need exercise to grow.

To stop going to the gym for excuses that you created is something you should get rid of. The gym is part of your daily routine and your commitment to the gym means results.

All you have to do is dedicate an hour a day to go to the gym and you will see amazing results in just a few months.

To make sports a part of your life, you need to exercise for at least 21 days to become a habit.

3- Do not advise others or listen to the advice of other athletes

When you go to the gym, whether you are an experienced athlete or a beginner, do not advise anyone or listen to the advice of others. The reason for this is that everyone has experience in exercising, and the experience should not be generalized to everyone.

Your body plays an important role when choosing a trainer to exercise in proportion to your body. And most of all, there are specialized trainers whose mission is to provide advice and guidance to suit you.

You can ask them the questions you want to answer and their answer will be based on knowledge and experience in the sports field.

4- Work out more, get better results.

This saying can be applied to all things in life, even in the gym, but it is not for beginners. A common mistake that many beginners make is exercising in a way that stresses the body, and this is wrong.

It is one of the most important reasons for the reluctance of many to the gym, as you find them enthusiastic and want to exercise for more than an hour on the first day.

But after the first week, he gets bored of going to the gym and even considers going to it as heavy on the soul. The most correct is to gradually exercise and listen to the advice of the coach in the weights that suit you.

tips for beginners
Top 9 essential tips for beginners in the gym. 4
5- A good diet is very essential

Choosing the right food is a very important factor in gaining and building muscle. You should stop eating processed sugars such as chocolate and other things and replace them with fruits and vegetables.

Replace white bread with brown bread and stop eating fast food that contains a large number of calories. Eating protein during exercise is as important as eggs, chicken breast, and other types of protein.

Also, you must make a suitable diet schedule for you to match the type of exercise. The best person who can do this is a dietitian who will help you create an exercise schedule that suits your body.

Avoid doing any fast food diet, such as water fasting, as the body may lose its muscles and other important elements.


6- Diversification of exercise

The process of applying exercises is not random, but rather a carefully thought-out process. The mistake that many people make is to do the same exercises every day, and this is not correct. For example, you want to get rid of the rumen and do the same exercises every day, which will get you bored.

Also, some exercises should not be practiced every day, such as abdominal exercises, which are practiced a maximum of four times a week.

Make sure when you go to the gym that you are clear with the trainer about what you want to do so that he will put you in a diversified exercise schedule.

7- Exercising properly is vital

After the coach has chosen the appropriate sport for you, he must make sure that you exercise it correctly. Each exercise has a different way of performing the other exercises. Exercising incorrectly can lead to injury. For example, some exercises require that your back be straight.

Knowing how to perform the exercise is an important incision after choosing an exercise. Make sure you have a trainer with you when you exercise, especially in your first week at the gym.

8- Warm up before starting to exercise:

Warming up is essential before exercising because it prepares the body for exercise. One of the biggest mistakes is not warming up, which leads to the risk of injuries such as muscle strain and other injuries. All you have to do before you start exercising is to take a 5-10 minute warm-up that matches the exercise you want to do.

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